Nicodemus Duke

Veteran Guardsman, Tactician, and Untouchable

Home World Tranch Age 35
Home Type Hive Gender Male
Career Guardsman Height 6ft.
Rank Veteran Weight 185 lbs.
Hair Brown Eyes Green
Skin Olive Quirk Bullet Wound Scar
Divination Sins hidden in the heart turn all to decay.
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
34 45 30 28 43 29 31 33 30
Traits Accustomed to Crowds; Caves of Steel; Hivebound; Wary
Skills Awareness; Dodge [+10]; Tech-Use [B]; Speak Language (Hive Dialect, Low Gothic); Drive: (Ground Vehicle); Command; Common Lore: (War, Imperial guard, Imperium, Imperial Creed); Scolastic Lore: (Military); Forbidden Lore: (Boxes)
Talents Melee Weapons Training: (Primitive), Basic Weapons Training: (Las, SP, Launcher), Pistol Training: (Las, Primitive); True Grit; Hard target; Takedown; Souless [x3]; Sound Constitution [x3]; Hip Shooting; Dual Shot; Ambidexterous; Two-Weapon Weilder (Ballistic); Quick Draw; Rapid Reload
Equipment Lasgun Charge Pack [1]; Las Pistol Charge Pack [1]; Shotgun Shells [12]; Guard Flak Armour; Light Flak Coat; Poncho; Stealth Suit; Corpse Starch Rations [1 week]; Chem Lamp; Combi-Tool; Uniform (Common Quality Clothing); Imperial Infantryman’s Uplifting Primer; Identity Card (Memento); Bent Grenade Pin (Memento)
Weapon Damage Pen Range Rate of Fire Clip Reload Special
Shotgun 1D10+4 I 0 30m S /- /- 2 Full Scatter
Las Rifle 1D10+3 E 0 100m S /3 /- 60 Half Reliable
Gorge Grenade Launcher Grenade Grenade 60m S /- /- 1 Full Reliable
Frag Grenade 2D10 X 0 SBx3 - /- /- Launcher Launcher Blast (4)
Krak Grenade 2D10+4 X 6 SBx3 - /- /- Launcher Launcher
Fire Bomb Grenade 1D10+3 E 0 SBx3 - /- /- Launcher Launcher Blast (3)
2 Hell Pistol 1D10+3 E 3 35m S /- /- 7 Half
Flintlock Pistol 1D10+2 I 0 15m S /- /- 1 3 Full Primitive, Unreliable,Inaccurate
Hammer 1D10+1 0 - /- /- Primitive, Unbalanced
Knife 1D5 R 0 - /- /- Primitive

Nicodemus Duke is cetainly an Acolyte of the Inquisition of some note. He was an solid and invaluable member of Talon One for quite a number of years; one of the pillars that Arkay placed his trust upon. He was one of the original members of the Acolyte group, and stayed with the group until it’s end.

Growing up in the squallid conditions of war-torn husks one of Tranch Prime’s hives hardedened Nicodemus to the many depravities and horrors of battle. Nicodemus was a bastard child of Rhia Duke, a war-zone harlot and prostitute, and an unknown Scintillain Imperial Guardsman (a noble officer by Rhia’s account, though the Office of the Imperial Guard offically denies the allegation outright). Rhia raised her son alone, moving her small family with the camp of civilian hangers-on which followed the various Imperial Guard regiments that were deployed to Trach. Rhia died when Nicodemus was thirteen, overcome by disease and infection, leaving him in the erstwhile care of the civilian camp. Nicodemus was labeled a bad omen; blaming the boy for the mistfortunes of his mother and anyone else he was near. Because of this he was largely shunned by this small community and so turned to polishing the guardsmen’s boots and cleaning thier gear for food money. In confidance, he had once told me that he had looked upon the guardsmen with envy for thier purpose and kinship; neither of which he had to have yet experienced.

When he turned sixteen, Nicodemus was old enough to be inducted into the Scintillian regiment, and completed R.I.P. (Retraining, Indoctrination, and Punishment detail) in just a few short months. He was assigned to 2nd platoon of the Scintillian 315th. While an exemplary soldier by any Guard standard, he was not well liked by either his command or his fellow soldiers. He was passed over for promotions many times by his superiors and his squadmates considered him an unlucky charm, both groups citing the air of unease that Nicodemus seemed to exude.

Nicodemus was present on Tranch during the Malavarian Heresies, an event my lords and ladies of the Conclave1 should be familiar with. In searching for the Arch-Heretic Malavarian, Inquisitor Farroc of the Ordo Malleus arrived on planet and sequestered a few squads of guardsmen from the Scintillian 315th; one of which was Nicodemus’ squads. They were tasked to comb the dead and ruined husk of Hive Tersonas, the suspected hiding place of the cult that Malavarian had bred amongst the Rebels, and hopefully .

1 The Malavarian Heresies

Nicodemus Duke

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