Interrogator Wilham Ockham

Pragmatic Adept and Right-Hand Man of Lord Arkay

Home World Fydae Minos Age 25
Home Type Imperial Backwater Gender Male
Career Adept Height 1.9m
Rank Inditor Weight 90kg
Hair Brown Eyes Brown
Skin Fair Quirk Aquilline Nose
Divination “A mind without purpose will wander in dark places.” +1 Fate Point
WS BS S T Agi Int Per WP Fel
29 35 27 30 29 42 32 31 (+3) 29
Traits Hagiography; Blessing of Ignorance; Superior Origins (WP +3); Liturgical Familiarity
Skills Awareness; Decieve; Dodge; Evaluate; Inquiry; Scrutiny; Trade (Copyist); Literacy [+10]; Logic; Tech-Use; Drive: (Ground [+10], Hover [+10]); Pilot: (Civilian Craft); Speak: (Low Gothic, High Gothic [B]); Common Lore: (Imperial Creed [B], Imperium, Tech [+10], Administratium); Scolastic Lore: (Occult); Forbidden Lore: (Cults [+10], Hersey, Mutants, Inquisition, Boxes); Cypher: (Glossia [+10])
Talents Pistol Training (Las,Bolt); Basic Weapon Training (Las); Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Shock); Sound Consitution; Total Recall; Marksman; Armor of Contempt
Equipment Flack Jacket (Arms/Body/Legs); Administratium Robes (Common Quality); Writing Kit; Data Slate; Chrono; Backpack; Microbead; Filtration Plugs; Medkit [1]; Ration Pack [1]; Lascutter; Manacles; Stub Revolver Clip [1]; Bolt Pistol Clip [1]; Laspistol Clip [1]
Weapon Damage Pen Range Rate of Fire Clip Reload Special
Stub Revolver 1D10+3 I 0 30m S/- /- 6 2 Full Reliable
Bolt Pistol 1D10+5 X 4 90m S/2/- 8 Full
Las Pistol 1D10+2 E 0 30m S/- /- 30 Full Reliable
Shock Maul 1D10 E 0 Shocking
Mono-Sword 1D10 R 2 Balanced; Mono

“A sharp mind and a sharper sword; the most intelligent and pragmatic man you could ever meet.” ~Inquisitor Lord Ein Arkay

What would my Lords wish me to say of myself that is not already known to you? No matter, I shall be dilligent as ever to be as thourough as possible.

I was born on the Imperial world of Fydae Minos, a backwater Agri-world mainly given over to the farming and production of various grains. My parents, Iacton and Diona Ockham, were one of the thousands of farmers that tilled the grey earth of Fydae. Even at a very young age, I was told that I had an intelligent mind. When I was old enough, my parents sent me to Darven, the nearest Imperial city to be trained by the Administratium scribes and scholars there. Quickly accelerating through the basic scribe courses, I soon became an Adept of the Administratium.

I spent most of my time codifying, tabulating, and entering data into the cogators for it to then be further processed by other sribes. This was mostly involving grain counts for each province, production costs, shipping logs, and the like. One fateful day, whether by pure luck, or the Emperor’s Divine Will, one of the batches of data I was assigned to process contained statistical errors that I could not rectify. Natually, I took this data to my immediate supervisor who logged and reported the discrepancy. Over the next few days, I found more errors in the data, and reported them as well. About a week later, I was called into my supervisor’s office.

To my suprise, an Inquisitor, Lord Arkay, was waiting for me. He asked me to explain the discrepancies and errors that I had previously reported. Afraid for my life, I did so, in as much detail as I could muster. Pleased with my anwsers, he set me to work in a private study (a luxury most adepts are rarely aforded) to codify and tabulate other batches of data, to see if similar errors occured. There were. Over the course of about 2 weeks, I personally poured over a small library of data; referencing and cross-referencing data as fast as I could. The Inquisitor Lord used the errors in the data I found to arrest, try, and convict one of the Noble House Lords all the way back in Malfi of gross tax evasion and money laundering; the details of which are not recorded in this memoir1.

Impressed with my work, he retained me when he returned to Scintilla and enrolled me in the Inquisitorial Academy. There I refined my skills and honed my body as an instrument of the God-Emperor’s Divine Grace and a tool of His most Holy Inquisition. When I became an Explicitor, he gathered me from the school halls personally and purposefully brought me along on his missions to teach me and to groom me as his apprentice. I accompanied Lord Arkay for many years as his Interrogator and eventually became the leader and manager of a group of Acolytes, known as Talon One, who’s exploits are laid down in detail on these pages.

During the time of my tutalage under Inquisitor Lord Arkay I was very young; 25 standard Terran years-old, if I recall correctly. I was a tall and lean man, with long, wavy brown hair neatly combed into a modest pony-tail, with brown eyes some had said gleamed with intelligence. Arkay himself had once previously described me as soft-spoken and reserved which disguised my keen mind. I took this compliment to heart, though it it up to you, my Lords, to judge for yourselves what type of man I am.

I wore simple robes of grey woollen cloth, as I had become accustomed to, acctented by dull maroon piping, sash, gloves, light brown suede leather boots, and dark brown leather belts and brass buckles. I also had taken to wearing a tall, wide-brimmed hat, since I did so much travelling from world to world I never knew what type of weather I might encounter. I proudly wore my rosette on a golden chain about my neck. In some of my first battles with the enemy, I had been careless and had been wounded; my right arm and eye had been lost. The Tech-Priests of the Omnissiah deemed me worthy of thier grace and replaced these organs with thier bionic counterparts; plated in chrome and intricately filligreed with catachisms of the the Machine-God that to this day I am not able to read.

With that, you should have the measure of me as I was all those years ago; a youthful, intelligent, and reserved servant of the Inquisition and an Interrogator under Lord Arkay’s tutalage.

1 If my Lords are interrested in this case, please reference the Serghar Affair for further details.

Interrogator Wilham Ockham

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